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Princess Coffee Grinder Stainless Steel Deluxe 50 Grams - Stainless Steel Housing


Savor the smell of freshly grinded coffee whenever you want thanks to the Princess 242196 Electric Coffee Grinder. That first cup of strong coffee in the morning or a delicious cappuccino after dinner, they all taste better with freshly ground beans. The luxurious Princess Electric Grinder grinds up to 50 grams of beans from coarse to fine, you decide.

Freshly Ground Beans
Coffee beans loose up to 40% of their aroma if they are not used straight after grinding. Preparing your own freshly ground coffee provides a full-bodied aroma that exceeds pre-ground coffee. Choose your own favorite type of coffee beans and get the maximum rich aroma. You can taste the difference.

Fast and efficient
The Princess Electric Coffee Grinder grinds from coarse to fine in a jiffy. Add up to 50 grams of whole coffee beans to the grinder, secure the lid and press the pulse button. Within seconds your beans are coarsely ground and just a few seconds more will result is finely ground coffee.

Sturdy, stainless steel blades
The quality blades can not only grind coffee beans, but are also suitable for nuts, spices and herbs. You can prepare your own almond meal for gluten free baking or grind your own curry blend. The blades only spin if the lid is closed and secured. Cleaning is done in a whim with just a slightly moist towel.

What’s in the box:
Princess Electric Coffee Grinder, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Princess Electric Coffee Grinder:

  • Prepare the best coffee from your favorite beans in the comfort of your own home
  • Just a few seconds will give your coarse or fine ground coffee with a great aroma
  • Sturdy, stainless steel blades and luxurious stainless steel housing
  • Also suitable for grinding nuts, herbs and spices for a flavor burst to your recipes
  • Safe to use thanks to the safety switch on the lid
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