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Tristar Wg-2424 Badevægt Elektronisk Personlig Vægt Firkant Sort


With the modern Tristar WG-2424 Personal scale you can measure more than just your weight. Besides your weight, you can now also measure your body fat, water mass, body muscle and bone mass. These measurements can easily be read because of the display with backlight and can be memorized for up to 10 people. The personal scale works on AAA batteries and gives off a warning when the battery level is low. To make the batteries last longer, the scale turns off automatically when it’s not used. On top of that, the scale also has an overload warning and has toughened safety glass.\n\nHigh accuracy\nThe Tirstar Personal scale can measure your weight with 0.1 kg accuracy. The scale can measure your weight up to 150 kg. You can also choose the unit you want to measure in: kg, lb or st.\n\nDifferent measurements\nThe special thing about this scale is that besides your weight, it can also measure other things. Body fat measurement shows how much of your body weight consists of fat. The water mass measurement shows the percentage of water in the body. A man’s body contains around 60% of water, while a woman’s just a little over 50%. The body muscle measurement is very important, because muscles can be seen as the engine of your body. By measuring your body muscle, you know how many calories your body needs. Do you want to lose weight? Then building up muscle is important. This is because body muscle burns body fat on a continuous loop. Finally, the scale also provides a bone mass measurement. This is the weight of your bones and organs opposed to your total body weight.\n\nWhat’s in the box?\nPersonal scale, instruction manual\n\n- Digital display with backlight\n- Memory function for up to 10 persons\n- High accuracy while weighing\n- Can measure weight up to 150 kg\n- Measures weight, body fat, water mass, body muscle and bone mass
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