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Tristar WG-2433 Personal scale


With the Tristar WG-2433 personal scale you never have to question your weight. The ultra-thin glass plateau has a surface of 30 x 30 cm. The personal scale runs on CR2032 batteries and gives a warning when the batteries are running low. The scale also has non-slip feet, so you never have to worry about it slipping away while you step on it. This scale is a real asset in every bathroom.

High accuracy
The Tristar Personal scale has step-on technology, so the scale turns on as soon as you step on it. It can measure your weight with 0.1 kg accuracy. The scale can weigh up to 150 kg. Your weight can be shown in different units: kg and lb. To make sure the batteries last a long time, the scale turns itself off when it is not used.

Healthy weight
It is very important to have a healthy weight and keep it that way. The ideal weight is different for every body. To find out which weight suits your body and built, you can calculate your BMI. Your BMI measures your body fat based on your height and weight.

What’s in the box?
Personal scale, manual

Reasons to choose the Tristar WG-2433 Personal scale:

  • Made of toughened safety glass
  • Has non-slip feet
  • Weighs up to 0,1 kg accuracy
  • Weights up to 150 kg.
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